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A low cost website

NOTICE - sorry, this site is currently not accepting new business due to new business development. Current clients are of course still being looked after!

Domains for sale.

800 fine business domain names for sale in many categories are now available at our site: (formerly known as Netsite Domains).

Deal Names is a premium marketplace to buy domains for many valuable business and internet purposes.

Around 1,000 fine, short and brandable domains are also listed for sale at:

Around 170 fine, short and brandable domains are also listed for sale at:

These memorable, rare, pronounceable and unforgettable domains are highly catchy and versatile. Perfect for a start-up, new brand or app.

Affordable websites. Here. Now. Today.

$299 affordable priceAt last, an affordable website! Our complete package price is just $299! You can have a website designed and hosted for a year at the incredibly affordable price of less than one dollar a day!

(A SPECIAL NOTE: "Hosting" simply means placing your website on the internet.)

outer space design at cheap website prices

There's no need to spend thousands when you can have an affordable four page website designed and hosted for a year for just $US299.

You get a professional site and professional management. You get peace of mind so you can focus on the success of your business.

Why spend thousands when our incredibly affordable website prices can give you million dollar results?

Why pay another company a fortune to make those inevitable changes when our amazing package also includes up to six free updates every year?* That's right, we make changes along the way at no extra charge (quota applies)!

Think of what you can do with all the time and money you save...

Our amazingly affordable website prices

In brief the deal is this:business woman

The Website Package

• All-inclusive affordable website solution
• A unique four page professional site design
• A year's hosting & management on the web
• Name registration
• Generous number of free updates

Total price only $299!

That's it! Perfect for every small business. A complete solution. Personal attention to your personalized website. A professional site, live on the web for a year, including name registration, fully managed, with generous free updates* — all this for our amazingly affordable website price below one dollar a day. You get an expensive looking site at cheap website prices. You're on the web for a year with no more to pay!

Click as a Flash. Outer space design at down to earth prices. — the name to remember for affordable prices.

Our astounding Details page has more info.

Our Website Package page explains our low cost $299 deals.

Our Example Site shows you what you can get.

Our Domain Names For Sale site has 800 domains for sale. Categories:

Ads Autos Brands Business Countries Games Gifts Health Internet Jobs Miscellaneous Money Movies Music News Real Estate Shopping Sport Travel

When it comes to a professional yet affordable website, we are Number One!

Contact manager Dave Tyrer at


*The Website Package includes six 30 minute update coupons entitling you to three hour's free work per year — valued at $90! Suppose you need to change some phone numbers or update product information in three month's time. No problem — we update it for free! You don't have to pay any more money! See the Website Package page for details.

Prices on this site are expressed in $US dollars unless otherwise stated.

Our price statement "below one dollar a day" is calculated on a total annual cost of $299 — an affordable price of just 82 cents a day!

Australian clients can click here for info on $A prices.


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