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completing the form

What you provide

Creating a website is an interesting project, the aim being to achieve a site that is attractive, informative, fast and useful to your customers.

Your main task is to provide a draft of your web page info in text form. We do the rest! We turn your text and pictures into a beautiful creation, but at an affordable cost!

This page is a guide to completing the Construction Form

Form Items

Item 1 — Deposit fee

Once we have agreed on the format and approach to your project, please send your deposit of $100. You can use a credit card via PayPal or pay via Western Union, cheque or Postal Money Order.

Item 2 — Text information

For the best possible site, it's important that you take the time to send as much info about your business as possible.

The main ingredient that you provide is text. No need to worry too much about perfection — we offer free professional editing advice on your material to maximise its effectiveness and impact. With a Bachelor of Arts degree, CAAF manager Dave Tyrer is university trained in English Literature and has years of writing and editing experience.

By coming up with a basic draft of your text yourself, you aren't paying us to write the bulk of your content.

Before starting, it's a good idea to look at other websites, especially those in your field. If you find a site that you like, let us know its domain name.

So for a four page site, write out four drafts using the suggestions that follow as a guide.

sheets of paper containing drafts

A SPECIAL NOTE: An average of two photos per page supplied by you are included in the package, or one from us if available.

PAGE 1 This will be your home page, the one visitors see first. This is where you most need to impress. Be very brief. Leave room for our design to bring it to life. (Most info goes on other pages.) Write down a summary of what you do, a slogan if you have one. Do you have a key photo that captures the spirit of your activity? If so, make a note, like "Please put photo of smiling manager at BBQ here."

A brief, positive, summary of your business is recommended (which might well be comprised of material already written for one of your brochures). A good home page typically only contains from 10 to 100 words.

It helps greatly to draw up a plan of your site. Draw some small boxes to represent the buttons that will link to your other pages. (eg "Our history", "Price list", "Benefits").

You will then use these names for the titles of your other site pages:

PAGE 2 (eg "Products"). As an example, write out a concise list of your main products, with brief descriptions. Once again, reference any pictures you are supplying. Suggested length might be from 50 to 300 words.

PAGE 3 (eg "Staff"). You might want to describe some of your key staff, and consider whether a photo of the manager is appropriate to your business, or a staff member in a company t-shirt. (Obtain permission from any staff member to be pictured.) Again, try not to exceed a few hundred words.

PAGE 4 (Your final page is usually called "Contact"). Provide full address details here. Also a good place to describe your company. Once again, think about a good photo. We'll put your email addresses here. This really encourages instant contact.

Don't include private details such as home phone numbers or personal email addresses you might already have with an internet service provider etc for security reasons.

Item 3 — photos & illustrations

Attach any good photos or illustrations you have (products, services, staff, vehicles, buildings). Make sure they are labelled and referenced to the right page.

Up to 8 picture placements from you are included in the cost of the package. If you have none, we will try to supply one illustration per page if available. Pictures can be ordinary prints (not transparencies), in brochures (these will scan OK for the web) or even better, supplied in JPG, EPS, TIF or GIF formats. We will optimize them for the net. (These 8 pictures are additional to the site graphics we create for you.)

Item 4 — Company logo, if you have one

Send either a digital (.eps is the best format) or large scan or printed copy of your logo, and any color specifications and corporate identity guidelines it should conform to.

Item 5 — Optional information

Other items can be helpful — brochures, advertising etc so that the site design is compatible and consistent with your existing materials and advertising. This way we don't miss important points.

You can even include material from competitors to help us understand your business better.

Your free email addresses

Provide any names you want for your five email addresses, which take the form: etc.

Think carefully about the names you choose, as "admin" is a useful name for all staff to share, while "jim" is only suitable for an individual.

The above is a good example for a small company where only the manager "Jim" requires a private, individual address.

If you're not sure yet, "admin" is a good way to start as any staff can use it by sharing the same password, plus one with your first name.

See also our Email Setup page.

Web information

(OPTIONAL — Don't worry, we can help with the following info — its main value is its use by search engines to catalog your site!)

There are several pieces of information you can provide to help maximize the effectiveness of your site. This text is mostly "hidden" to browsers, though it helps search engines find your site. We can help refine this.

Try to be informative and impartial in your descriptions here rather than using advertising slogans.

1 Title. In less than 10 or so words, describe your company. This appears in the title bar at the top of your home page. For example, at the top of this page you should see the title: "Completing the Form".

Without a title, your page will be called "Untitled document"!

2 Description. This text may display if someone searches successfully for you in a search engine. Again, this must be very short for space reasons (if too long it will be cut off)! Be factual here rather than using an advertising claim. For example:

"Click as a Flash, low cost professional web solutions."

3 Search words. Choose up to say 30 words that you think customers will be most likely to input in a search engine, in rough order of importance. Include your company name, and variations of it. An example for Ray's Roof Repairs would be:

roofing, roof, repairs, tiles, corrugated iron, emergency, ceiling, leaks, Ray's Roof Repairs, Ray's Roofing Repairs, Rays, help, storm, damage, cyclone, insurance, Los Angeles, LA, Venice Beach

Then, if someone typed "Los Angeles emergency roof repairs" into a search engine, this site might appear as they are four of the keywords anticipated above.

Our Search Engines page contains interesting info.

Color theme

Our Color Chart page provides a range of colors and advice on choosing a background color for your site, or you can leave this decision to us.



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