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The Website Package

The Website Package is a sophisticated but affordable four page design & hosting package. (“Hosting” simply refers to placing your site live on the web.)

free monthly updatesFor an unbelievably low price you receive a professional site with eye-catching graphics & style, managed for a year on the web, plus name registration, plus a generous number of free updates!

Once you have worked with us for a few days on your content, there is little for you to worry about. We manage your site for a year, allowing you to focus on your business.

Another advantage of our amazing offer is that you don't have to get your site "right" at launch — you can fine tune it later at no cost. Other web companies charge you a fortune just to change a phone number — but not us, with CAAF, a fair number of updates are totally free (details follow)!

All this at an amazing price below dollar a day. At last, an affordable website. This “no worries” package is incredible value!

Why pay thousands of dollars when our full price is less than other company’s deposits?

Our all-inclusive price for design and a full year on the web:


Payable by deposit $100 and balance $199.
This isn't a misprint! See below for details.

Site features

• all-inclusive affordable website cost is less than $1 a day.
• excellent personal design to showcase your business to the world.
• four pages (expandable at low cost of course).
• all pages linked with logical site architecture.
• fast loading optimized graphics on all pages.
• up to 2,000 words of text if required (expandable).
• expert assistance with writing & editing content (you supply draft).
• up to 8 supplied photos, optimized & converted (expandable).
  up to 4 photos licensed from photo libraries (expandable).
• if you don't have pics we'll try to create something
• one free "ad" banner (eg ad on example site’s Contact page).
• purchase extra pages, graphics, writing etc at our low rate.
• your site is optimized for search engines.
• upgradability — your site is fully upgradeable by any web company.
• flexibility — you may be able to trade-off between some features (at CAAF's discretion). For example, you might want an extra page, but only need three photos on your site. No problem — no extra charge.

Management and hosting features

• One year's hosting and site management. You don’t have to worry about a thing. We manage your site on the web for a year. If you want anything changed, you simply send us your instructions. And a generous number of changes are free!
• You get three hours of free alteration entitlements per year — which you can use to make up to six changes per year at no cost! See following for details.
• Purchase of a domain name registration is included for .com, .biz, .info or .ws names (valued at $15). If you already own a name or choose to obtain your own, your total price for an affordable Website Package is just $284.
• Errors that we agree are our mistake are fixed for free — your free update entitlements aren't used up.
• You also receive a generous allocation of follow-up editing and fine tuning in the first month (at our discretion). This gives you a long period to perfect your site — once again avoiding any extra fees.

Our aim is to set you up at the lowest possible cost. If your business succeeds — that's success for us too.

Your annual three hours of free changes!

Need to change a pricelist or add a staff member's details? Need to add a new product or phone number? No problem, the Website Package includes three hours of free updates a year, sufficient to cover such basic modifications. That’s right — there’s no extra cost to you for a generous amount of maintenance during the year.

couponYou are issued six 30 minute coupons for the year!

Your free update entitlement is for three hour's free alterations, design or other work per year. 30 minutes is the minimum single block, which means you can choose to have up to six free updates each year, so you can make a free change every two months or whenever you like! Or, you might want to spend three coupons to add a free extra page!

(Unused entitlements expire after one year and they expire if hosting is discontinued for any reason. Coupons are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.)

Technical features

Your Website Package provides a very generous quantity of downloads (4 GB per month, enough for tens of thousands of customer visits) — all you need for a professional site. This is far more exceptional than other hosts. In fact, some rival startup packages offer only half a GB of monthly downloads — just one eighth of our offer!

But hold on, there's heaps more...

You get five free email addresses as part of your Website Package.

Guaranteed bandwidth availability with servers never at 100 per cent utilization.

99.9 per cent uptime guarantee. Your site will never be off the air for more than a few minutes a month.

Your site's server (hosting computer) is kept in a climate controlled network operations center monitored around the clock.

There's a Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID). So if one drive fails, the storage switches to another — reconstructing missing data, keeping your site on the air, minimizing downtime.

You get a very generous 100 MB of web space for data storage.

You also get dual Pentium III one Ghz servers with two GBs server memory.

Internet connection via several OC3s and four T3s.

Genuine Cisco routers (BG4 protocol).

Twice daily backup. UPS battery cluster, industrial power plant.

A unique and permanent IP (Internet Protocol) address, not temporary ones like some providers.

Scalability. If you ever wish to upgrade as your business grows, then various upgrade options are available.

Your site joins more than 9,000 others in a state of the art facility.

Optional extras

The package is flexible — additional work may be purchased at our affordable prices at any time:

Additional web page (includes up to two photo scans and placements) — $45.

Additional supplied photo scans & placements — $15 (20 per cent discount for 10 or more).

Purchase photo licence from our stock library if relevant pics are available and place on your page — $15.

Additional pictures, graphic & writing services, design, logo design, animations etc — $30 per hour. The minimum chargeable unit of time is 30 minutes ($15).

Flash animations — prices start from $200 for a basic movie.

Ask for free info and advice.

Besides business, the package is also ideal for cost-conscious hobby, club, fan, personal and special interest sites.

Please note that all prices quoted are subject to viewing of relevant material and/or acceptance of your project by Click as a Flash (CAAF). CAAF reserves the right not to undertake any proposal without necessarily providing reasons. Please note also that copyright ownership of all artwork only transfers to you on receipt by CAAF of full payment.

Details of our affordable website prices!

A four page sophisticated website design..... $199
One year's hosting & management            
(normally $16.67 per month, 50 per cent discount first year !)..... $100
Domain name registration !............$0
Free monthly updates !........... $0

Total cost: $US 299

$100 deposit. Balance of $199 due on completion of design for hosting to commence.

If you purchase your own site name, your total cost is just $284 — deposit is $100 and balance is $184.

You also have the option of purchasing only the design component of the package for just $199.

Purchasing this is ideal for people with some knowledge of HTML and FTP who wish to maintain their own site. But for just another $100 (our incredible 50 per cent discount price) we can host it for you for a year — leaving you more time to concentrate on your own business.

Example site

The easiest way to get a picture of what you receive with the Website Package is to look at our sample site: Ray's Roof Repairs

This will give you a clear idea of what you can expect in terms of quality, style and structure. Your site will be equivalent but different. You get four beautifully designed and illustrated pages. And additional features such as animations, forms etc can be purchased at low cost.

Other important info

At this affordable price, the cost of hosting is purchased 12 months in advance to reduce monthly billing costs. However, refunds of whole remaining months are available, less transfer costs, in the event of cancellation by either party.

We only administer the hosting of CAAF created sites, not those of third parties.

It's important to be familiar with our Terms & Conditions page and the separate terms & conditions of our host provider Hostgator

(Briefly, we cannot host unethical or illegal sites such as piracy, hacking, spamming & virus creation activities, vilification, hate or adult sites and so on.)

Our sample site Ray's Roof Repairs gives you a good example of what you can expect from the Website Package. Your site will be hosted on the same fast and reliable servers (24 hour computers) as Click as a Flash. You will receive exactly the same speed and dependability as you see on this site right now!

The Getting on the Web page also contains important info about our hosting service.

The current price for the second year of hosting is $16.67 per month ($200 per year). This also includes site management and three hours of free annual work similar to the first year deal. That is, six 30 minute work coupons to spend!

Purchasing an affordable Website Package is everything you need to get your site up and running. It even includes the purchase of your domain name if you need it. (Detailed info about names is provided on our Domain Names page.)

There’s no hidden costs. Our cheap website prices are second to none! You don't even pay a dollar a day!


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