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domain (site) names

About domain names

A website name (such as "") is also known as a domain name or a URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

You can buy domain names directly from an online domain name registrar. We have around 800 domains for sale at and around 170 brandable domains offered at (see details below).

Please note that the Website Package offered by Click as a Flash includes the purchase (for a year) of a .com, .biz, .ws or .info name, but not other country specific names.

How they work

A domain name such as can be purchased before it's site has actually been created. Then, the name is "pointed" or "parked" at the registrar's site so that all registered registrars know that name is taken.

Anyone who tries to look at a purchased name which doesn't yet have a site will instead be redirected to an error page or notice on the registrar's site saying something like "the site you are seeking is a registered domain name but it doesn't have a website yet" or whatever.

Later, once the name's actual site is created and placed on a server (a 24 hour connected computer) the domain name must be directed away from the registrar and instead pointed at this actual server. Only then is the website accessible to the public. (Note that two servers are generally used so that when one goes down temporarily, the other one is still available.)

Domain names for sale

If you don't already have a domain name or are having trouble finding one, there are many aftermarket sites such as Deal Names which have hundreds or thousands of pre-owned domain names for sale.

( which specialises in business domains for sale is wholly owned by Click As A Flash.)

Brandable Domains

Short, catchy and memorable domains are highly sought after. A short, catchy name gives your new business an excellent advantage right from the start. Fortunately we offer a large range of brandable names for sale via our dedicated site: which features around 170 domains.

Buying domain names

Details on how to easily buy a name follow later.

The cost of purchasing a .com, .biz, .ws or .info domain name is included in your purchase of a Website Package from Click as a Flash.

(If you already own your domain name the package fee reduces by $15.)

This registration lasts for one year after which it must be renewed. Some registrars allow you to purchase multiple years.

If at any time you choose to discontinue hosting with us, we can transfer the domain name to you.

Country specific domain names such as for Britain or for Australia are not included in our package.

Why we recommend you register your name yourself!

It's in your own best interests to register your own domain name. It's best for you to fully own and control (and renew) your domain name which is, after all, your second business name and a precious asset. For us to do it would be like commissioning us to visit your government office to register your business name for you. And by doing it yourself, you can take responsibility for renewal to avoid the possibility of it being forgotten!

Please note that we only register names on behalf of hosting clients. In that case, if you choose to discontinue hosting with us, your site name should be transferred to you or your new webmaster.

Other web companies like to provide your domain name to "lock you in" as a customer!

Domain registration only costs around $10 per year.

How to buy domain names yourself

It's an easy and straightforward process. With credit card handy, you visit a domain name registrar and follow their instructions. (Which registrar depends on whether you want a .com or or type etc).

Good registrars make it simple. There are two basic steps:

  1. Do a search on the registrar's own on-site search engine for the name you want.
  2. If the name is available, you fill in a secure (128-bit encrypted) form with your details and credit card number etc and send in your order and payment. That's it, you can own a name in minutes!

However, you will probably find that the name you want is already registered. Fortunately there are domain sales sites such as BuyDomains® and Sedo® who have millions of domains for sale. See their sites for info.

What's next?

After you purchase a name, you or your registrar "point" it at the registrar's own site, even though you have no site yet. (This is so other registrars know that that unique name has just been purchased - registrars link to each other's sites.) To activate it once you have built a site, access it again on the registrar's site and key in the server (hosting computer) names of whoever will be your real host. So if you are purchasing a Website Package from us, we provide you with our host server's address for you to point your domain name at.

Please note that different rules and fees apply to different name types. For example, only governments can use the ".gov" extension. But the method of buying one is similar for all types.

About registrars

Registrars vary between countries and so do their fees. They are generally private companies, but they are authorised by governments and by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers who coordinate the international data). They cooperate and connect with each other so that two registrars cannot both sell the same name to two different clients.

The site has lots of information about domain names, and also lists many registrars.

Click as a Flash uses registrars like and for the numerous international .com names we own. Their fee is a very affordable around $US10 per name per year and their site is very easy to follow.

In Australia (for visit whose fee is $A140 for two years.

These sites contain more detailed and up-to-date information than appears here.

For other specific country names, you need to check out your own nation's registrars for the best deals. If you are not sure how to do this, you could try visiting a search engine like and if you want a British website for example, enter words like: "Britain, domain, registrar" in the search field. Or look at ICANN's list of accredited registrars.

About rules

International domain names (.com)

You can pretty well register any name with the .com extension if it hasn't already been taken. No-one regulates the words. That's the main problem — the best names have been snapped up. But if you are imaginative, you might be able to get a good name by being clever.

For example, a name like "" might already be taken, but if you're a florist in London, you might find that "" is available. Or "".

Technical restrictions do apply — you can only use lower case letters and numbers, though dashes can be used. The name can be up to 63 characters in length.

Other names like .biz, .ws (for "website") and .info are also available and good names are still available in non .com extensions.

Alternatively, you can visit domain aftermarket sites such as our own where there are many pre-owned domain names for sale on offer.

Register a domain (for .com, .biz etc)

Actual registration procedures may vary from what appears below.

Click as a Flash uses and recommends the registrars and

To register a .com name (or other top level names eg .biz, .info) with Godaddy you first set up a free account. This is then accessible anytime. On their home page, click on the "Sign-Up" button at the top. On the form that appears, fill in your details and a password. It must be letters or numbers from 6-14 characters in length and for security reasons cannot be a single dictionary word. Submit the form.

Go back to the home page. Click on "Domain Registrations" at left. Perform a search for your preferred name by typing it into the search engine text field that appears and submitting it.

A new page appears telling you if the name is available. (Other options and variations on that name also appear. They are hoping to generate extra sales.)

If your desired name isn't available, you'll have to try another.

If the name is available, click on "Click here to add to cart!"

A new secure page appears giving you the option of opening the account you just created. Enter your name & password and continue.

A page appears featuring the domain name(s) you have already placed in your shopping cart.

Here, you get the option of selecting how many years to pay for. Click "Continue Purchase."

A new page appears. Check your name is correct. For the moment, leave the domain nameservers pointed at their default (eg These are the fields that have to be changed later to the nameservers of whoever will ultimately host your site. Remember, after purchase, you are able to easily change this via your new account (if you remember your password!) Click "Continue Purchase".

(A "nameserver" is simply the hosting computer which will eventually host your site. Once purchased, names have to be pointed at a "host", in this case your registrar, even before you have a site so that the world knows that name has been taken.)

A secure page appears. Input your credit card details and send. That's it! You shortly get an email confirmation and receipt. And you can check on your domain name at any time via your account. This registrar sends you an email before renewal is due. Write yourself a reminder in next year's diary as well. If you let your name expire, anyone can take it over!

I own a name. What happens next?

Once we have created a website for you, we notify you of the two server names of our hosting provider. These names are simply domain names like and

You then go to your registrar's site and open your secure account using your password. You simply locate the fields containing the two names your domain name is currently "pointed" at (ie the registrar's servers) and replace them with the new server names we give you.

A day or two later the entire world knows your new web address exists, and customers start pouring in!

Australian clients can click here for information about the domain name

Special note — new top level domains are coming

In June 2012 ICANN (the domain name regulatory authority) announced they had received 1930 applications for new gTLDs (general top level domains). This refers to the many hundreds of new dot categories of domains that will soon be possible.

There will be entirely new generic domains, brand domains and city domains appearing on the internet. An overview of this exciting program has been published at DomainNameExplosion.

New generic domain extensions like .home, .search, .games, .online, .music and .web will be available. Each of these new strings will have potentially millions of associated domains... For example websites like and Business.web will be launched.

Another entirely new category (often called the city domains) will also launch. Around 70 cities like London and Paris (and a few regions like Quebec) will launch their own domain extensions. Websites like and will appear on the net.

The Brand Domains

Perhaps the most interesting and game-changing event coming to the internet is the advent of the brand domains. Approximately 680 of the world's most famous companies are planning on launching their own brand strings (extensions). Large corporations such as General Electric, Apple, Google and Honda — to name just a few — are about to launch their own dot brands. These companies will be able to leverage their brands to create new marketing strategies that seem certain to transform commerce on the web. A detailed strategic analysis of this program is published at

Super Monopolies

Unfortunately, ICANN has not made it mandatory for all the millions of new generic comain names to be available for resale to the general public. In fact, many applicants are intending to acquire a new domain string for their own exclusive and private use.

This is not what the web is supposed to be about — instead, some of the world's major corporations are seeking to create their own private internets — shutting you out...

Click as a Flash is so disturbed by this that we have created an entire website about this disturbing scenario. Millions of new websites are due to start appearing in 2014. You can read about this significant threat to fair global commerce on the internet at


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