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"Hosting" simply refers to placing your website online on a special 24 hour computer (called a "server") which contains your actual site. Servers are permanently connected to the net so that your site can be accessed by anyone around the world, 24 hours a day.

Going ahead with an affordable website

Getting on the web has never been easier than purchasing a Website Package. You don't need to know anything about the net. We create and manage your site for you. This is a complete and all-inclusive package. You simply send us your information and we put it onto the internet in a stylish design. And whenever you need any changes or updates, you just send us an email.

Your amazing hosting & management package

Buy a Website Package from us and included in the price you receive a fantastic 50 per cent discount off our regular annual hosting price — you pay only $100 for your site's management and a whole year on the web!

Added to your site design price of $199, that makes a total price of just $299 for your first year!

At last, an affordable website!

After a great deal of searching, and after checking out over 50 hosting companies worldwide, we have identified an excellent professional web hosting provider — Hostgator. We have had excellent service from them since beginning our association with them in 2001. Their service is supremely reliable and accurate. Whenever we have asked for technical support, they have responded with successful solutions within 24 hours or so. This is why they are our chosen hosting provider.

A Plus is a large international company owned by Millennium Networks Inc. Their hosting services are truly excellent, reliable and generous. Their state of the art servers are based in California and their administration in Nevada.

When a site we manage ( won the "Cool Site of the Day" award, it received thousands of hits in 24 hours. A Plus handled this traffic with ease and there were no downtime problems whatsoever.

The Click as a Flash site is hosted with A Plus. Your site gets the very same quality of service as you experience here. We manage your site for you in association with A Plus — you don't have to worry about a thing!

Your second year on the web is still less than a dollar a day!

couponIf you wish Click as a Flash to continue managing and hosting your website for another year, our affordable fee includes three hours of free changes, work or updates under the same terms as in your first year. That is, you get six 30 minute coupons for changes or alterations!

The fee for another year's hosting & management is an incredibly low $US200 which is based on a monthly fee of $16.67. That's less than 55 cents a day! You pay for a year in advance, though if you ever cancel, whole remaining months are refundable, less transfer costs.

Our sites may look expensive — but we're committed to our cheap website prices!


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