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Starting your affordable website

After looking around this site, please take a look at our fictitious Example Site for a small business "Ray's Roof" for an indication of the type of site you will receive. Our affordable set fee is based on providing you with a comparable, individually designed four page site. (Of course, you may purchase extra pages.)

rocket launch graphicYou probably want us to host your site as well, check out our associate Hostgator who physically look after our hosting. Note their separate terms & conditions. We manage your site while Hostgator hosts it — you only ever talk to us — you don't worry about a thing.

Want more info? Contact Dave at for a friendly discussion. There's no obligation. Feel free to ask some questions. Please mention some introductory details about what you want for your site, and if you want a different type of structure to our example for Ray's Roof Repairs.

Decided to proceed? Complete and send the details on the Construction Form page including your deposit of $US100 and other optional items listed (text, photos, logo etc).

Please note we do not currently have credit card facilities to directly accept your payment — that's why we use PayPal. PayPal is completely secure. It has over 40 million satisfied users. You'll find more info about PayPal on the Making Payments page.

The Construction Form and Completing the Form pages are designed to assist you to efficiently send your instructions & material to us.

The Color Chart page allows you to suggest a color scheme if you wish to.

Work will commence after your material has been viewed, further correspondence if necessary, we both agree on terms, and your deposit received and cleared. (Work is generally scheduled on a first in, first served basis.)

You are soon able to see drafts online and instruct us about revisions to your site (viewable on special test pages on the net). Ample time is budgeted for to get it right in the first month.

When happy, send final balance payment to complete the purchase of your package.

That is, you pay a deposit of $100 and a final balance payment of $199 ($184 if you already have a site name) to also cover the hosting costs for a year. A total fee of $299. Where else would you find cheap website prices like these? At last, an affordable website!

...Your website is launched, and is available worldwide within hours!

You can now sit back and relax, your website is now working for you 24x7!


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