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At last, an affordable website!

$299 priceClick as a Flash provides sophisticated and professionally designed websites that look far superior to sites costing many times more. If you're building a business, we understand that you're looking for value for money. There's no longer any need to pay a fortune. Please consider our amazingly affordable price — only $299 for a year on the web including design — that's less than a dollar a day for a complete solution! No wonder we're called the home of affordable website prices! Where else can you get quality AND value?

Please note that our Making Payments page contains details about paying by deposit etc.

There is also comprehensive info on joining PayPal, the world's number one secure online payment service which allows you to use your credit card.

The affordable Website Package

(A four page sophisticated site design, plus a year's management & hosting on the net, plus name registration, plus three hours free maintenance included!)

The Website package includes the purchase of a .com, .biz, .info or .ws site name for a year. If you already own any type of site name, total package cost is just $284.

Site design only

(Purchase a four page site design without the hosting, management, name and maintenance.)

Add an additional web page

(price includes up to two photo scans and placements)

Additional supplied photo scan and placement

(20 per cent discount for 10 or more photos)

Additional photo licence purchase from our stock library

(if relevant image available, price includes page placement)

Additional work for package buyers

(graphic & writing services, design, logo design, animations, banners etc)
$30 per hour
The minimum chargeable unit of time is 30 minutes ($15).

Second year's hosting your affordable website

$200 (pa)
(based on a rate of $16.67 per month)

Flash animations

Prices start from $200

Domain names for sale

We also offer extensive domain names sale services. We have around 1,000 domains listed for sale at NetsiteDomains at competitive prices.

For more info please visit our Domains page.

5 Letter Domains

We also have an exclusive list of 5 letter domains for sale via our specialized site: FiveLetterDomains which features over 100 fine names.

For more info please see our Domains page.

Fee information

Prices quoted on this site are offered subject to seeing precise details of your project. If your details and payment arrive and CAAF is unable to undertake the project for any reason, your payment and material provided will be refunded in full, less costs. Job details should be discussed by email and agreed upon prior to sending anything to us.

Your deposit of $100 for a Website Package is payable in advance. Following work is payable immediately upon completion of a requested task, unless advised otherwise.

Fees are subject to change without notice.

About payments

International clients can use major credit cards with PayPal, international postal orders or other agreed methods.

The ideal payment method is by credit card in conjunction with PayPal (which can only be done in $US dollars). More details are presented on the Making Payments page, including info on joining PayPal, the world's number one secure online payment service.

Refunds & termination of agreements

Design component

In the case of the design and construction of your site, once work is completed, no refund of your deposit is possible (except at the sole discretion of CAAF).

Please note also that copyright of all artwork is only transferred to you on receipt of full payment, prior to which we retain full copyright ownership. Receipt of a refund for any design work means forfeiture of any copyright ownership in that work.

Hosting component

While under the Website Package plan you pay for one year of hosting etc in advance, the unused hosting component of the money is refundable (less transfer fees if applicable) in the event of any termination of our agreement. Fees for whole remaining months are refundable.

The reason you pay for a full year in advance is to save us both (monthly) billing time and money — this is one of many secrets of how we offer such cheap website prices.

Either party may, with (at least) seven days notice, terminate the hosting agreement, without reason.

Then, any unused complete months' hosting fees are refundable to you. The launch date is defined as the calendar date on which the year's hosting actually commenced.

As an example, if you purchased a year's hosting on January 10, then decided to cancel your agreement on May 20, you would be entitled to a refund equivalent to seven month's hosting. This is because you had used more than four months of service, which means you would be charged for five.

You must provide at least seven days notice of your wish to terminate hosting to ensure the maximum refund.

Irrespective of which party terminates the agreement, you retain ownership and copyright of any artwork you have purchased in full from us (subject to the conditions mentioned on the Terms & Conditions page concerning the non-exclusive licensing of clip art and photography). You are free to take over and arrange your own hosting of your site at any time.

See also the Website Package page for details of our affordable website prices and the Making Payments page.

Please see also the Terms & Conditions page for details of prohibited activities such as hacking and so on which might provide cause for termination of hosting.

Australian clients should note the $USD prices advertised on this site exclude GST.


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