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flash animations

Click as a Flash also provides Flash animations for websites.

What is Flash?

Flash ™ is an animation program used by artists to create animations for the web. These animations are often called Flash movies and a "Flash player" allows the movies to be seen in your browser. The Flash player usually launches automatically on the web surfer's computer to enable this.

If you can see the simple animation of the CAAF logo and planet at the top of this page, your computer is already running the Flash player. It launches automatically and invisibly in a second or two whenever your browser encounters a Flash movie like this.

Flash has become a universal format. According to a 2002 IDC report, 96 per cent of all computers shipped worldwide contain the Flash player. The player is included in all major browsers version 4 and above and is also included in major computer operating system releases. In other words, Flash is the second de facto animation standard for the web.

And it's not only animation — audio can also be incorporated into the Flash .swf format giving it a major advantage over silent .gif animations, the original net animation format.

The other key advantage Flash "movies" have is that they are vector based rather than raster based. What this means is they are scalable. This means full screen movies with only small file sizes are possible.

GIF animations (the official web animation standard) depend on the number of pixels contained to determine their file size. This is vitally important as it determines how long they will take to download over the net. GIFs do have amazing compression capabilities (for adjacent pixels of the same color) but cannot compare with Flash's vector scalability.

A Flash movie's structure is controlled by mathematical algorithms that cleverly control the screen graphics. This results in low file size, even though the movie might be as big as an entire screen. Hence Flash has a big advantage over gifs with respect to compression and file size.

The key secret with Flash is that huge clusters of pixels that are the same colour can be remembered in just a tiny amount of mathematical data.

And because Flash files are also versatile, they can also contain raster (pixel based) art work such as photos, though this does of course increase file size significantly. This is where the skill of the artist comes in — an animation can be very small in terms of data, yet be full screen and contain small photographic elements. Used artistically, these photographic aspects can give the animation an air of sophistication while still being quick to download.

The Flash animation at the top of this page, at a size of just 20kb, should have downloaded in just a second or two on a 56kbps modem, even the first time you saw it. (The next time you saw it as you opened another page on this site might have been even quicker as modern computers temporarily "cache" or remember files in case of a second download.)

Click as a Flash uses Flash version 5 to create its movies.

CAAF recommends downloading the free Flash 5 or later player from if you have not done so. If your computer was purchased before 2001 it is probably only running version 4.

simple gif animation for click as a flashFinally, a few words about .gif animations. Gifs are eminently suitable for small, silent images to catch attention and add interest. An example is the Click as a Flash button (with the animated lightning bolt) that you see here and at the base of all our pages. Simple but effective.

The technically interesting thing about GIFs is that they are viewed directly by the most popular browsers like Explorer — in other words, you could say that your browser is also a GIF viewer — no separate player has to launch.

Purchase a Flash animation

Click as a Flash can create a simple Flash animation for you from a price as low as $US200 or as high as thousands of dollars. The cost depends on the complexity and length. If you require a Flash movie, please send a detailed brief by email.

As an example, an animation comparable to a sample we did for our fictitious company Ray's Roof Repairs can be created for around $350. Another affordable component of your affordable website.

Links to some of our other Flash animations are provided below.

Flash and HTML

An important question arises — why are some sites created almost entirely in Flash, and some in the net's traditional HTML authoring code but containing individual Flash movies?

Part of the answer lies in the type of site you are operating. If you have text that you want to keep flexible and editable (such as this page) it is easier and faster to fix a misteak like this if your page is mostly HTML. It is much slower to change things in Flash. On the other hand, the more you use Flash and multimedia, the more attractive your site can look. So sites involved in entertainment or advertising are often more dependent on Flash than sites whose emphasis is on information transfer and versatility, such as a newspaper's web page.

The other technique is to bias towards Flash on your home page (where generating fun and excitement is a priority) but towards HTML on your sub pages (where providing information is a priority).

Or, looking at it another way, by using Flash you can make your site look like it is many times more expensive than it really is.

Without going into too much detail, other matters are also important, for example, the fact that HTML text is displayed by fonts that are resident in each viewer's computer (which means text appears very, very quickly). Also, the usefulness factor of viewers being able to copy & paste sections of HTML text for their own personal use shouldn't be underestimated. And finally, search engines only examine the HTML code, they can't index Flash movies.

Flash examples

If you wish to see the full power of Flash, and to understand why Click as a Flash named itself after this powerful technology, take a look at our own entertainment site where the animations range up to about 400 kb and about five minutes in length. Especially if you're getting tired of all the serious and technical stuff on this site! Our favourite example of Flash interactivity is the page about Godzorro — the masked monster, though animations this sophisticated are expensive to purchase.

Or, take a look at the original Flash animation we created for Click as a Flash (310 kb). Make sure your audio is enabled.

Or check out a Flash animation we created for our example website Ray's Roof Repairs.

If you really want to get into it, (the owner of Flash) has more info and links to various interesting sites.


button to turtle portal

Turtle Portal, the free entertainment site contains many Flash movies!

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ABOUT FLASH ANIMATION. This website is dependent on Flash animation and contains audio. Flash movies add significant impact to a website yet are affordable. The Flash player is provided free with Internet Explorer and Netscape versions 4 and above in which case it launches automatically. The Flash player also ships with recent versions of the Windows and Apple operating systems. (Flash™ is a trademark of Macromedia, Inc.) The free Flash player can be downloaded from Movies are in the .swf format. Specific information can be seen on our Flash Animations page including details of our affordable prices.


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