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complex flash movies

The movie above (at over 300 kb) is too large to download quickly enough for the home page of a business site like Click as a Flash.

click as a flash rocket launch graphicEspecially if you hope your visitors will return regularly — they would soon get bored waiting for it again and again.

But in years to come, as more and more viewers access the net via fast broadband systems, long movies will become commonplace.

Complex movies are more suited to entertainment websites, though with imagination they can be used in many ways. For example, car companies sometimes use Flash movies to reveal product information about a new release in a tantalizing way.

Long movies are suited to single visit pages rather than repeat visit pages. So, using the same example, a car company might have a very simple movie on its home page, but a complex one on a sub page to demonstrate a new model. This is because any visitor to a sub page has already demonstrated his or her particular interest in visiting that page, and therefore is willing to spend time there. Not so for casual visitors.

The significant factor about large movies is that they can contain a load sequence (eg the repeating scene of the truck driving into the warehouse above). Then, the viewer is kept entertained while the bulk of the movie downloads. The movie sends a message to the viewer's browser not to start running the main movie until the full data is downloaded, to avoid disruptive pauses.

Thus, if you have an average 56 kb modem, you will have seen the truck enter the warehouse seven or eight times before the movie starts. If you have broadband, you might only see it once or twice.

The other trick sometimes used is to have a "skip introduction" button. When viewers return for a second visit, they can jump most of the movie and go straight to the last scene to get to the info or links they are seeking.

To make a comparison, the Flash movie used on the Click as a Flash home page (which is a simplified version of the movie above) weighs in at just 20kb!

The best interactive movie created by Click as a Flash is the Godzorro site under the Turtle Portal banner —

The scripting capabilities of Flash are in fact so powerful that very sophisticated games etc can be created, with the results only limited by the imagination. (Click as a Flash however does not provide games or advanced scripting, a specialized field.)

Finally, creating complex Flash movies is very time consuming and hence quite expensive.


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ABOUT FLASH ANIMATION. This website is dependent on Flash animation and contains audio. Flash movies add significant impact to a website yet are affordable. The Flash player is provided free with Internet Explorer and Netscape versions 4 and above in which case it launches automatically. The Flash player also ships with recent versions of the Windows and Apple operating systems. (Flash™ is a trademark of Macromedia, Inc.) The free Flash player can be downloaded from Movies are in the .swf format. Specific information can be seen on our Flash Animations page including details of our affordable prices.


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